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Great partnerships Great creator satisfaction

Our goal is to provide a great platform that leads to high author satisfaction. To help make this happen we’ve partnered with some world renowned companies. These partnerships are all designed to make it easier to grow your business.

Xscape Publishing + Stripe

Stripe is a global payments and billing platform that supports 36 different currencies and operates in 130+ countries around the world. They enable our ability to pay authors quickly and automate billing.

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Xscape Publishing + Zapier

Zapier is a workflow automation platform that supports 3000+ apps. We’ve created the Xscape Publishing Zapier App to help enable automated order fulfillment using any of the thousands of apps on Zapier

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Xscape Publishing + Gumroad

Gumroad is a platform for creators to sell their products directly to their audience. We’ve partnered with Gumroad to help creators produce and fulfilled physical products along with any digital products they may sell.

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Xscape Publishing + Podia

Podia is creator platform that allows people to create online courses, digital downloads, memberships and more. We’ve partnered with Podia to help creators add physical products and automated order fulfillment to their product offerings.

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