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On the call, you will learn how we make it easy for anyone to earn more and grow their business and brand using book publishing.

We provide an easy to follow system that allows people to benefit from our "done-for-you" services that eliminate a lot of the headaches associated because we do the following for you:

• Book Editing
• Cover Design
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• Marketing Strategy Creation
• Omni Channel Marketing
• Global Distribution
• And much more

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“Our expertise comes from action and results not theory. We know what works only because we’ve done it for ourselves and we apply the same methods that have made use successful when helping authors, entrepreneurs and businesses achieve success and generate a positive ROI for our authors. Our top performing authors have seen a 100% ROI on our services within 12 months and are continuing to earn monthly.

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Why Smart Authors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Brands are Choosing to Publish Books

In 60 days or less and without knowing anything
about book publishing


URGENT: It’s vitally important to your income, business revenue and brand that you invest the next few moments reading the words that follow. The world had changed drastically and is quickly changing even more. And we want you to be prepared for that change.

The words on this page contains secrets, tips, tactics, strategies, ancient proverbs, sweet words and combat maneuvers that have been gained from being in the business trenches for decades.

Do You Want To Grow You Business?

This info and growth system isn’t meant for people with “shiny new thing syndrome”, who chase after every new business strategy and tactic they come across when they haven’t even committed fully to the last new thing.

It also isn’t for people who consider their business or brand “just a hobby” meaning it probably doesn’t make money. Some of it probably shouldn’t even be talked about, unless whispered, or written down, unless you plan on burning the paper after reading it.

Below you’ll learn…

·        How to become a member of the 0.01% That’s the percentage of book authors in the US

·        Why you should grab your slice of a $29 billion pie. The pie is there for the taking and it doesn’t take much to satisfy your appetite for business growth.

·        What Amazon doesn’t want you know. What they are doing that beats the little guys down but makes their pockets fatter.

·        The key to accessing millions of potential Customers and Clients. Without having to hire a massive team or paying thousands in ads.

·        The secret E-commerce war. And how you can win from playing both sides.

·        Why 66% businesses fail within 10 years. And what successful businesses do to survive.

·        One quick and easy tactic to generate leads and passive income possibly even well into the afterlife. Why work hard when you can work smart.

·        What you absolutely have to know about Self-Publishing. Why it’s the mistake that too many first time and experienced authors make.

·        The cutting edge system Xscape Publishing uses to help authors grow, which leverages Omni Channel Marketing and Global Distribution. The system plus some more secret business recipes make our flavor of publishing make it much more filling when it comes to earning money and growth.


What The Competition Is Missing

 Stop for a moment and think about some of the most popular brands you know and use. What brand names come to mind?

Maybe some of the following:










John Deere

7 Eleven



Barnes and Noble


Some of these brands would be recognized all over the world. 

What about these famous authors and their books which have become their own brands:

J.K Rowling – Harry Potter

J. R. R. Tolkien – Lord of the Rings

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Dale Carnegie – How To Win Friends and Influence People

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad


The reason why we bring up these world renowned companies and people who have created world recognized brands is because they all have one thing in common...


And not just any kind of branding, but great branding.

Their branding helps make how them, their company, product or service is unique when compared to others and in advertising.

Some of the above companies and authors have grown their brands so well that even long after the founders of the business are dead and the authors have passed away, their brands are still generating income and growth.


Why You Should Be Growing Your Brand Awareness

Out of Sight. Out of Mind. Out of Wallet.


The fact of the matter is that the world had changed drastically recently.

Sit for a moment and just think about the last year of your life or business.

Has anything changed for?

Has that change been massive?

If you’re like me and most people around the world, you can say “Yes”, that things have changed drastically.

Now think about how things have changed in the last 5, 10 or 20 years?

How many times have things changed quickly in that period?

Were you around in 2008 during the Global Financial Crises?

Were you around during the Dotcom Stock Market Crash?

The only thing that’s constant is change.

But you know what hasn’t changed over all that time?

Those brands we mentioned above.

And people spending money buying the products and services of those brands and people buying books.


Competition Is For Losers. Winners Don’t Compete

Those are the words of Peter Theil who is the co-founder Paypal. He eventually sold it to eBay 2002 for $1.5 billion.

What he meant is that most successful people and businesses don’t compete against others. They provide a product or service that no one else or few other people in their industry do.

And books are a great example of why there isn’t much competition.

In fact there is so much less competition in some industries that you or your company may be the only one with a book once it’s written. Which leaves the competition playing catch up.

By writing a book you become part of the 0.01% of book authors in the US.

And when it comes to the size of pie you’ll have to share with other authors, it’s not small.


If You Ever Want to Hide Some Money, Put It In A Book

While some may talk about social media marketing, e-commerce few talk about the massive and global book market.

In 2019 the total size of the book sales market was $29billion so I imagine that we can squeeze out some room for you to earn from that.

The other thing few people talk about when it comes to books, is that in the US alone, there were 690 million print books sold. And that number leaves out ebooks and audio books completely.


Why Books Are Valuable for Readers

Books are valuable because they are an easy way to write something once and benefit from that knowledge being available for anyone to learn from, be entertained by and gain from.

They allow people to easily share information with others in a way that’s easily transferable and completely automatic.

We’ve used books to help our authors attract and educate Customers and Clients.

You’d be surprised at how much easier it is to grow your business when someone contacts you and says that they read your book and wanted to hire you.

And your target market wanting to by your products or services is just once of the benefits to book publishing.

Another benefit is how you and your business will likely be approached for interviews, podcast appearance, news articles, workshops, mastermind groups, co-branding opportunities and be given discounts or sent free stuff and information.

At Xscape Publishing, once a book is ready to be published, we nearly instantly distribute our books to 40,000+ retailers around the world in nearly 20 countries. And that isn’t the beginning of the benefits of our system.

And once published, we even handle all the on going management, marketing, returns and payout.

 The E-commerce war: What Amazon Doesn’t Want You To Know

There is a war going on that is hidden in plain sight. Publishing and E-commerce insiders like Xscape Publishing and other know about it but few talk about.

Did you know that if you publish your book using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that your book won’t be on sites like Barnes and Noble, Walmart or at other brick and mortar site?

Did you also know that Amazon prohibits people who publish through KDP from publishing their books anywhere else except Amazon?

Did you also know that major booksellers around the globe WILL NOT carry a book if it shows that the book is published by Amazon KDP?

Few people and authors know these things and it costs them thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every year.

However, Xscape Publishing provides a true publishing and printing service where they author is in complete control of where and how their book is sold. We even work to optimize where and how to sell our authors titles to maximize their earnings.

In addition to helping maximize their earnings, we also manage the ad campaigns of our authors so we maximize their reach, brand awareness and income.

So while we do sell all of our title on Amazon, we do so in a way where the author benefits and not just Amazon.

Could Your Business and Brand Benefit from 200 million Website Visitors Per Month?

My guess is that you could benefit drastically from that amount of web traffic.

If you didn’t know, that is the amount of traffic Amazon gets monthly just in the US. That doesn’t even factor in the 100 million visitors Walmart gets every month or the 21 million visitors to Barnes and Noble’s website every month.

By listing your book across multiple channels like you can benefit from our Omni Channel Marketing system for building your business and growing your income. Combined with listing your book in multiple countries using Global Distribution we assure your book has as many opportunities as possible to reach potential Customers and Clients.

Why 66% of Businesses Fail

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics 66% of businesses fail within 10 years.

That's a stunning statistic and I really don't want you to be a statistic.

I’m guessing you’d like to know why they fail so you can avoid their same mistake.

The two main reasons most businesses fail are the following:

1.      Cash-flow issues from not making enough money

2.      Not being able to find customers for their product or service

Book publishing solves both of these problems because they generate revenue and writing a book forces you to define your product, service and target customer in detail.

Frankly if your offer isn’t refined, specific or valuable enough for someone to want to read about it, then they probably won’t want to spend money on it.

 How Xscape Publishing Is Different

The cutting edge system Xscape Publishing uses to help authors grow, which leverages Omni Channel Marketing and Global Distribution. The system plus some more secret business recipes make our flavor of publishing make it much more filling when it comes to earning money and growth.

Don’t have a book written? That’s no problem. We can still help. The inventor of the car, Henry Ford was functionally illiterate but was still able to invent the car and the assembly line.

His secret? Hiring the write right people. People like the Xscape Publishing team members who can spot tyyyppoooossss (< like these) and make them look professional while creating something valuable and entertaining. And making the process as easy and painless as possible.

If you don’t have a book, our team can help you decide on atopic, title and book content. We’ll even send you an outline for approval then guide you to work on writing the book.

So whether we you are a new author, experience author, have an ebook you're already selling but want a print book, Xscape Publishing can help.

Scroll down to learn more and see some of our work.

Results We’ve Gotten For Other
Authors, Entrepreneurs and Businesses
Financial Starter Kit
Symoné B. “Beez”
Xscape Publishing Explained Book Financial Starter Kit
Career Coach
Financial Educator
Financial Literacy
Defense Contracting
We helped Symoné expand her financial literacy and career coaching business to a published book.
The book made it Amazon’s Best Seller List in the Budgeting and Money Management category.
Our team fulfilling a bulk order ahead of the holidays.
Manage Your Money
Like The 1%
Black Wealth Renaissance
Xscape Publishing Explained Book Mange Your Money Like the 1%
Podcast Host
Financial Educators
Social Media
Personal Finance
Content Creation
Xscape Publishing helped Black Wealth Renaissance add to their products and grow their brand with 368,000+ Instagram followers by publishing their book Manage Your Money Like The 1%.
BWR's video review of our services below.
10 Reasons You Are Living Centsless
Ogechukwu Madu, MBA
Xscape Publishing Explained Book 10 Reasons You Are Living Centsless
Real Estate Fund Manager
E-Commerce Brands
Real Estate Investing
Product Branding
Wealth Conference Host
Xscape Publishing helped Oge grow his audience. This helped him host the Blackseed Summit which was one of the most successful wealth conferences of 2020.
Watch Oge's video review of our services below.
Mud 2 Millions
Ayesha Selden
Xscape Publishing Explained Book Mud 2 Millions
Certified Financial Planning
Real Estate
Real Estate Investing
Financial Planning
Money Management
Xscape Publishing helped Ayesha expand her brand and audience by taking the digital version of her book to Print and eBook form. This helps a lot when she appears in her various interviews.
Pinterest Profits
Richard Rembert
Xscape Publishing Explained Book Pinterest Profits
Brand Consultant
Social Media
Community Growth
Xscape Publishing helped Rich expand his brand and social media consultancy by updating and publishin his book Pinterest Profits. He can now offer a new product to his 4+ million monthly Pinterest page viewers.

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